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"This is a play to be seen by women and the men who love them everywhere. Bravo at such a touching piece of theatre."

-Suzanna Bowling (Times Square Chronicles)

"In these dark times where many nefarious forces throughout our country (and indeed quite a few parts of the world as a whole) are doing their level best to exercise draconian control over women’s bodies, “Still, Birth” is that play that should be required viewing, particularly for those who would seek to legislate women’s reproductive rights into oblivion."

-Erik Williams (Sunfox)

What people are saying:

Still, Birth Helps Release the Trauma of Losing a Child  Times Square Chronicles.png


"Oh, dear God. This play is so exquisitely beautiful...just breathtaking...It's still with me. Just beautiful work in an important, eye-opening, heart-wrenching play." 

"A super powerful story with so many layers and golden nuggets. I laughed, I teared up, and I rooted for all the characters. Robyne and Coley I say wooo! Amazing work and a beautiful way to heal and share their stories and be able to relate to women who go through the same or similar situations." 

"I hope you get to see this wonderful, touching, heartbreaking piece. You are in for quite a treat."

"What a wonderful production- the writing, movement, and acting. It was soulful without making it down and depressing. A beautiful well-done performance. So glad I was able to see it."

"Clear your calendar to see this cast turn in real, raw performances. Still, Birth. is not to be missed."

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